a little summer surprise


>>> Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in. This was the summer I was to live out my long-awaited cliched dream of joining the aspiring artists of our generation in NYC, trying to make a name for myself. Well, life had other plans. Or clumsy me did, at least. To make a long and wince-inflicting story short, about a week before I was to move out of my Boston apartment and settle in to my new home in hipster-central Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I fell off a roof.

Wait, what? Yeah, I know. I asked myself the same thing when I woke up in the hospital. I was at a party-(*surprise surprise*)-I won’t go into too many details, but I will say (defensively or non-defensively-take your pick) it wasn’t anything too wild nor was it Project X worthy. Me being the silly ass klutz I am, decided to follow a few people onto the flat roof and get some fresh air. It was a pretty accessible roof, all you had to do was crawl out a window and you’re there. It was a recipe for disaster: no edges, total darkness, party in full-swing. I was on my way back in and wasn’t quite able to make out where the roof ended. All it took was one missed step and then b l a c k. All I remember at that point was waking up in some alleyway and hearing someone yell to call for an ambulance. That and immense pain that shot throughout my body.

Fast forward about a month. Here I am, seated somewhat comfortably back at home on Long Island and taking advantage of all this downtime I now have. As you may have guessed, Brooklyn plans have been canceled, as has mostly everything for this summer. I’ll take this time to add that I was damn lucky. Not to sound like too much of a Lifetime movie, but I believe I was given a second chance and this is one that I will not waste. This has been a wake up call, if you will. And I don’t just mean a reality check to get my shit together and tone things down because honestly, I’m not that much of a wild child; it was just a dumb situation and I wasn’t careful. This wake up call mostly sounds the alarm to the tune of telling myself to be appreciative of all I have and to warn against taking those things for granted. How stupid that it takes traumatic events like these to pound that into (most of) our heads.

Anyway, I suppose you’re curious, as most humans often are, as to what the damage was. I fractured my spine (T12, L1, and L2 burst vertebrate to be exact) and fractured my heel. No permanent damage. I am now taking the summer to heal at home and am sporting some pretty nifty gear-the brace you see pictured above and my foot is now in an AiR-Boot. If all goes well and I follow my precautions, this should all be off toward the end of the summer and I will be able to walk normally again.

Cue further cliches. I’d done a great deal of thinking while I was at the hospital and then at the rehab center, as there was not much else for me to do. It’s crazy what sorts of things your mind occupies itself with when you’re pulled out of the distractions of everyday life. It’s also crazy to see the support from your loved ones, and even those who you didn’t think would care as much as they did. I can’t even begin to express how grateful and touched I was to see everyone who reached out and came to see me. It’s not like I wasn’t expecting anyone to care or anything, but I had no idea I would get that big of a response from everyone. I sobbed like the giant baby I am when I read my cards and saw the people who stood next to my hospital bed.

Being a patient at the rehab center at Spaulding also did a number on me. This was the same facility that had treated victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, so I was in pretty great hands. But man. In attending my daily physical therapy sessions at the gym and seeing the progress patients of all kinds-young and old,
Athletes and civilians, one leg, one arm, paralyzed, broken bones, head injuries, etc.-gave me the biggest push to keep going, keep my head up, and stay positive.

Prior to the accident, I’d wanted to start up a blog for quite some time. Mostly for myself, to remind myself to write for myself as often as I could. But just like most things, I thought up a million excuses to postpone sitting down and starting it. Now those excuses have run out. Or, they’ve been replaced by a bunch of new thoughts that have just been crying to be written down.

So anyway, I guess this is my official intro to my blog. Long overdue. Maybe this summer was a blessing in disguise. I like to think of it that way, anyway. Here’s to new beginnings and a fresh start! >>>


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