TED Talk: Why we do what we do

<< One of the items on the recovery checklist was to watch TED talks! I've always been a huge fan anyway so now I finally have the time to share some of my favorites and discover some new inspiration. For physical brand marketing, I advise you to visit http://www.exposeyourselfusa.com/.


Here’s one I stumbled upon yesterday.



>>favorite highlights<<

>>Tony presents two interesting ways to look at life:

|science of achievement| how you take the invisible and make it visible

|art of fulfillment| rarely mastered because it’s about appreciation +  contribution

>>people have a perception that a lack of resources (time, money, technology, contacts, experience, management) is what causes their failures when instead, what is needed is resourcefulness (creativity, determination, love/caring, curiosity, passion, resolve)

>>3 decisions of destiny

what am I going to focus on?



|self or others?|

what does it mean?

|is it the end or the beginning?|

|are you being punished or rewarded?|

what are you going to do?

|are you going to give up or move forward?|

>>2 things shape us

|state| shapes us in the moment: our physical/emotional

|our model of the world| shapes us long term: our world view is the shaper of meaning, emotion, and action

>>3 parts make up what influences us

1. target: what are we after? what are our needs?

2. uncover our map: how do we get there? the belief system that tells us how to get our needs

3. find our fuel: our dominant emotion

>> we have 6 basic human needs

<<the needs of the personality<<

1. certainty >>we need to feel comfortable and in control

2. uncertainty >> but we need variety and surprise

the surprises we don’t want we call problems, but we need them!

3. significance>> we need to feel important, special, unique

4. connection + love>> most people settle for connection because love is too scary

<<the needs of the spirit<< how fulfillment is achieved 

5. we must grow>>so we have something to give

6. we need to contribute beyond ourselves>>secret to living is giving

 >> we all need all 6 needs, but whichever need is our “lead system” or the one we value most, tilts us in a different direction

>>give your ALL everyday!

>>explore the web of your mind (beliefs, needs, emotions that control you) so there’s more of you to give + appreciate (more than just understand) what’s driving other people…that’s what will change the world






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